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Sl.no. List of customers Machine category
 A Aditya Birla, Rishra Porcelain Insulators
AEIP Precision Products Ltd Automotive Components
Alfred Herbet (India) Ltd General Engineering
Amalgamations Repco Automotive Components
Amco Batteries Ltd Automotive Components
Applicomp India Ltd Consumer Durables
Arvin Exhaust Pvt Ltd Automotive Components
Associated High Pressure Cylinders High Pressure Gas Cylinders
Atlas Cycle Industries Ltd Bicycles
Automotive Seals Rubber
 B BEHR India, Pune Automotive Components
Bimetal Bearing Ltd Automotive Components
Birla NGK Insulators Ltd Porcelain Insulators
BPL Sanyo Utilities Ltd Consumer Durables
Brakes India Limited Automotive Components
BTIC - China High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
 C Carborundum Universal Ltd Abrasive
CJI- Porcelain Ltd Porcelain Insulators
Clean Cat Conveyors Material Handling
Confidence Petroleum High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Contech Engineers Pvt Ltd Material Handling
Conveyor Systems Pvt Ltd Material Handling
Conveyor Equipment Co. Pvt Ltd Material Handling
Cut Fast Abrasives Ltd Material Handling
 D Delphi Automotive Systems Automotive Components
Duroshox Automotive Components
 E Echlin India Limited Automotive Components
EID Parry India Ltd Ceramics
Elastrex Polymers Rubber
Elgi Polytex Ltd General Engineering
Engineered Polymers General Engineering
Enduaracnce Transmission Systems- Aurangabad Automotive Components
Entvent Tools & Services-Chennai Automotive Componetns
Escorts Ltd Automotive Components
Eskayef Limited, Bangalore
Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Everady industries Automotive Components
 F Facit Asia Ltd. Consumer Durables
 G Gabriel India Ltd Automotive Components
GE Motors Consumer Durables
Godrej Hi-Care Ltd General Engineering
GE Motors USA Consumer Durables
Goetze ( India ) Ltd Automotive Components
Graphite India Ltd, Bangalore
 H Harita Grammer Ltd Automotive Components
Harita Locks Ltd Automotive Components
Harita Roloforms Ltd Automotive Components
Hawkins Cookers Ltd Consumer Durables
Harita Rubber Products Ltd Rubber
Hero Honda Motors Ltd Automotive Components
Hindustan Motors Ltd Automotive Components
Honda Motor Cycle & Scooters India Pvt Ltd Automotive Components
Hyundai Motors Automotive Components
 I IFB Industries Ltd Consumer Durables
IGP. Engineering -Madras
India Pistons Ltd Automotive Components
Indian Organic Chemicals Ltd- Madras Chemical
Ind- Suzuki ( TVS) Hosur.
International Electron Devices Picture Tube
International Instruments Ltd Automotive Components
Insulators & Electricals Co Porcelain Insulators
Integra Overseas Automotive components
IP Rings Ltd Automotive Components
 J Jayashree Insulators Porcelain Insulators
 K Kinetic Engineering Ltd General Engineering
Kirloskar Electric Co Ltd General Engineering
Kirloskar Systems Ltd General Engineering
Konel Corporation Pvt Ltd Material Handling
Kraft Engineering Works General Engineering
KTC Tyres (I) Ltd- Calicut General Engineering
 L Lamac Engineering Co Automotive Components
LML Limited Automotive Components
Lizer cylinders limited High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
 M Madras Cements Ltd
Mando Brake Systems Pvt Ltd Automotive Components
Menon Auto Ancilliaries Automotive Components
Michell Bearings Heay Engineering
Mico Ltd Automotive Components
Mhitraa Engg. Eqpt Pvt Ltd Automotive components
Modern Insulators Ltd.Aburoad Porcelain Insulators
Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd General Engineering
Murugappa Morgan Thermal Ceramics Ltd Abrasives
 N Nitin fire protections cylinders ltd High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
 P Paragon Rubber
Perfect Circle India Ltd Automotive Components
Pressure Cookers & Appliances- Thane Consumer Durables
Purolator India Ltd Automotive Components
 R Rama Cylinders Pvt Ltd High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Rane Luk Clutch Ltd Automotive Components
Rane Power Steering Ltd Automotive Components
Roloforms Polymer Private Limited
Renga engineering works Automotive components
Rollwell Conveyor Pvt Ltd Material Handling
Roltec Engineering Automotive Components
 S Sahuwala High Pressure Cylinders High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Sarju Impex Limited High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Samkrg Pistons Ltd Automotive Components
Samrat Bicycles Ltd Bicycles
Samtel Color Ltd Picture Tube
Samtel India Ltd Picture Tube
Seshasayee Industries Ltd Porcelain Insulators
Shalimar Industries General Engineering
Shree Products Rubber
Shriram Honda Power Equipements Ltd General Engineering
Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd Ghaziabad Automotive Components
Shriram Refrigeration Automotive Components
S.K.Corporation, China High Pressure Gas Cylinders Manufacturing Machinery
Southern Conveyors Material Handling
Southern Polymers rubber
Speciality Elastomers Rubber
Spicer India Ltd Automotive Components
Stump Schule & Somappa Ltd General Engineering
Subros Ltd Automotive Components
Suhner India Pvt Ltd General Engineering
Sundaram Clayton Ltd- Hosur
Sumeet Machines Ltd Consumer Durables
Sunbeam Castings Automotive Components
Sundaram Industries Ltd Rubber
Suzuki Motor Cycle India Ltd Automotive Components
Suzuki Power Train India, Gurgaon Automotive Components
 T Team, - Madras General Engineering
Tecumseh India Ltd Consumer Durables
Teletube Electronics Picture Tubes
Titanium Equipment -Madras General Engineering
Titanor Components Ltd General Engineering
TN Newsprint & Papers Ltd General Engineering
Triton Valves Ltd - Mysore General Engineering
Ttk Ltd Consumer Durables
Tube Products India Ltd Automotive Components
TVS- Suzuki Ltd Automotive Components
 U Usha Telehoist Ltd General Engineering
 V Valeo Friction Materials Ltd Automotive Components
Vijayjyot Seats Automotive Components
 W Widaroc (India) Ltd General Engineering
Widia (India) Ltd General Engineering
Wimco Ltd, Rampur General Engineering
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